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" Pay attention to hygiene, begin from me"
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" Pay attention to hygiene, begin from me"

Dear teacher, dear students:

Today I want to talk about the topic is "pay attention to hygiene, begin from me".

Let me for you about two cases:

The first example is: Singapore is a common English speaking countries, the country''s public signs are written in English. But some of them involves polite slogan, such as "No Spitting", "no littering" is used Chinese writing. Why? The answer is: because of the large number of these do not speak of health behavior is China mainland tourists. Therefore, a high school principal to Singapore investigation of sincere words and earnest wishes to say: do not speak of health behavior is true.

These two examples show that, our country in sanitation, civilized and there is a certain distance from the other countries, so we should have each student to develop about health, civilized habits. Unfortunately, in our side, on the part of students who do not speak, or have some health behavior. For example, our hallway, stairs and we could see the beautiful campus is not harmonious scraps of paper and food packaging bags, some students think, the classmates on duty to clean, threw it; for example Restroom, students have eaten the napkin wipe your mouth left in the sink, speak health, but do not speak of public health; and male classmate toilet is not a step, so that the toilet stink to high heaven. There are many such examples, many of our students put the study of cultural knowledge in the first place and often neglect the cultivation of social morality, civilization, health habits, which just reflects the quality of a person''s thinking. In fact, a good habit is to ensure that we learn a good premise, but also the basis for healthy personality. In the school is not good behavior and habits of the students present no discipline, poor hygiene, disrupt the learning environment of a school. On the contrary, if we develop the civilization health habits, learning environment is good, orderly.

Numerous examples show, toward the brilliant career, the key to successful life, is the moral sentiments. The future of our nation, need to learn many things many inherited, but the most basic question is, do we want to what kind of style, what kind of thought quality, what kind of moral standards, took the baton of human civilization. Students, we sow an action, reap a habit; don''t put the health habits as a trivial matter. Let us start from now, starts from oneself, starts from the little things, to develop good health habits; manage our hands, do not throw garbage. I believe that, through the efforts of all the teachers and students, will create a quiet, orderly, with good learning environment of campus. Thank you.

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